Is exposed aggregate more expensive than plain concrete?

Comparing the two, the aggregate is more affordable, as it is generally at the lower end of the price range. Stamping isn't expensive, but using aggregate concrete is cheaper, especially if you have a larger project. A concreting professional will be able to get the finish you want and will use the right proportion of aggregates for a perfect finish. While a concrete slab can be cleaned quickly with a good pressure wash, the exposed aggregate generally requires more time and attention.

To get an exposed aggregate finish, a concrete mixer will first pour the concrete and wait until it is almost firm. Once mixed, smooth concrete is poured into place and usually smoothed to get the uniform, gray concrete you've seen a million times before. Polished concrete is an alternative to exposed aggregate that grinds the surface to show the aggregates inside. This range means that the concrete surface can be multicolored (due to the natural color variation of the added materials) and used to complement your home or landscaping designs.

If you already have exposed aggregate, you can do it polish, which is the beauty of this type of surface. Although polished aggregate is durable, it is not the best decorative technique to use in high-traffic areas. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the sharp aggregate is deposited, which results in a much smoother finish compared to the exposed aggregate. From chipped aggregates to dirt and grime buildup between surface variations, you may experience more cracking and damage than a simple concrete surface under the same conditions.

You may want to use polished aggregates if you want to stay within budget, especially when it comes to maintenance. However, an aggregate surface may be more susceptible to weathering and deterioration as a result of the textured surface. In addition to not needing a floor covering, this type of concrete surface also does not require costly and difficult maintenance work. If you're looking for reasons why you should choose the sharpened aggregate, you'll be happy to know that it has almost the same benefits as the exposed aggregate.

Those who don't like the heavy maintenance of their walkways, the exposed aggregate is an excellent choice.

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