What is concrete with pebbles called?

Concrete Finishes — Concrete with Exposed Aggregate — Concrete with Exposed Aggregate finish is a popular choice of concrete finishes that exposes or encourages pebbles or stones to be seen on the concrete surface. Concrete with exposed aggregates has become an absolute favorite term and a domestic term in recent years. This ornamental aggregate concrete is a type of surface concrete. Commonly used in patios, driveways and walkways.

It looks very unusual and extraordinary due to the abundance of stones, pebbles and sand. Its finish is achieved by sharpening or inoculating the surface to accentuate different designs, effects and patterns. This publication will discuss some of the benefits of exposed aggregate concrete. Both solid concrete (with a standard wrought finish) and aggregate inputs are durable and long-lasting options.

Aggregate driveways are commonly referred to as exposed aggregates because gravel (or stone chips, in some cases) in the concrete mix is partially exposed on the finished surface. The added variations allow you to add color and texture to your entrance, creating an attractive design that coordinates with your home and landscape. A standard concrete finish is relatively smooth and, for an entry, generally includes a broom finish for added slip resistance. Exposed aggregate or aggregate concrete provides a decorative finish for your walkway and pathway.

The process involves exposing a soft texture consisting of small stones and pebbles. The result is a rustic look with a mix of earthy look. There are also pigmented or colored patterned concrete options that can even increase pattern selection for homeowners. To know the total amount you will pay, you also need to understand the cost of concrete per cubic meter.

Whether in the driveway, outdoors, patio or pool, you can achieve an eye-catching design with decorative concrete. Large cracks and changing sections of a driveway are more severe and often indicate a problem with the subbase under the concrete. Easy to maintain and naturally slip resistant, the exposed aggregate is an ideal decorative treatment for concrete driveways. This variety of decorative concrete is a great alternative to other options you may see in other landscaping projects, such as pavement slabs and block pavement.

Other ways include adding an additional layer with decorative concrete over existing concrete after the curing process. Decorative Concrete WA has been in the industry for a long time and experience has shown that aggregate is truly superior to stamped concrete. For this reason alone, many homes with young children and older people stay away from using stamped concrete. The concrete is poured into the mold that normally comes with reinforcing bars or a wire mesh and the product is subsequently cured in a controlled environment.

Working with aggregate concrete requires that special attention be paid to shape, texture and color. Like the exposed aggregate, there are almost no limits to the design possibilities with most of the above decorative concrete options. The surface of these aggregates will also look more “natural” than normal concrete or brick due to the exposed core elements. While it's true that stamped concrete can replicate the look of other finishes, it can't provide the same feel, texture, and style as aggregate concrete.

An exposed aggregate surface is obtained by placing concrete and then removing the outer “skin” of the cement paste to uncover the decorative coarse-grained aggregate (either in batches in the concrete mix or seeded onto the surface).

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